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Path 12


Pennings Path – From the Salisbury - Shaftesbury Trunk Road, A.30, about 91 m west of West Farm House, leading south-south-west across the Pennings to the Fifield Bavant - Dinton road, C.64, at Limbway. Approximate length: 274 metres. Width: 1 metre. Subject to ploughing.

The path leaves the A30 through a farm gate (004282), beyond which is a wire gate leading into a pasture. There is a gap in the hedgerow along the Fifield Bavant road that may be used as an aiming point. In this gap is a broken gate (003280) that can be climbed. There are no waymarks on the path and, as it is between two roads, it is seldom, if ever, used.

March 2002

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21 January 2006

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