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Open Access

Since October 2005 many areas of ‘mountain, moor, heath, down and common’ have been mapped in order to provide open access to walkers. All types of ‘access land’ are shown on the new Ordnance Survey Explorer Maps, which carry an access symbol.

[Open Access symbol]

This symbol may, in due course, be displayed on the ground to help guide you, at some entry and exit points. The Explorer Maps themselves show all types of access land with a light yellow tint surrounded by a light orange border.

In the Fovant area, the downland to the south of the village has been so designated and access may be gained from the following paths:

Path Access points
Footpath 11 001271 002266
Bridleway 13 011277 Joins Byway 14
Byway 14 005274 011274
Footpath 16 014283 018283

These points have been included in the path descriptions.

The Countryside Code

The Countryside Code has been revised to coincide with the introduction of the major new right of access.

For more information on both the Code and access it is worth looking at the Countryside Agency's web site

February 2006

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7 February 2006

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